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Wooden Barrel Bung - FREE SHIPPING!

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This custom handmade bung is a great addition to any barrel hole. Though not as sophisticated as our Lux Bung, the wooden bung hole stopper - made from poplar - offers the essential needs of plugging a hole up. 

If for winemaking, the bung plug can be used for both vinification and aging.        

The wooden bung is now becoming popular for its cost efficiency and compliments any barrel whether used for wine or as a decorative item in a home or business.  The size is roughly two inches wide and between one-and-half and two inches long. Each one of these unique bungs is sealed with a stain-sealer for longer lasting life. And note too that everyone of these handmade bung hole covers is tested.

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Lux Barrel Bung
Lux Barrel Bung
MSRP: $40.00
Price: $25.95
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Lux Barrel Bung
Lux Barrel Bung is an American made glass bung stopper with a silicone base that fits any wine barrels bung hole. Base is removable to clean and/or replace after wear and tear. The LUX bung combines technical advantage of silicone with beauty of glass.
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Bung plug ornament hanging on tree
Wooden Barrel Bung Ornament - FREE SHIPPING!
MSRP: $20.00
Price: $13.95
You Save: $6.05 (30 %)
Wooden Barrel Bung Ornament - FREE SHIPPING!
Our handmade Barrel Bung Ornament is authentic stopper that fits almost any wine barrels bung. The plug can be easily tapped in & offers a nice finish to your Christmas tree or any other place you want to hang it. It's approximately 2" high by 1 3/4" wide
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