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Hard To Find Barrel Head Caps 
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Beautiful in their own right with stains and character marks that can stay the way they are or use your imagination to recraft into literally anything. Because a used wine barrel has only two barrel head caps, they are hard to find, especially when you consider the many uses that these unique parts of a barrel offer. This sale is for one one-of-kind used wine barrel head.

They’re approximately 21 to 24 inches in diameter and one inch thick. These are in their original distressed form, therefore may not be perfectly straight. If you're lucky, you might receive a little wiff of wine - ahhh, you can smell the fragrance and aroma of wine and wine country already.

Go here for ideas on what to do with genuine wine barrel staves: 
Wine Barrel Stave Ideas


Note that the barrel head caps pictured are not necessarily the exact barrel head you will receive, but will resemble and have a similar likeness. No two barrel heads are alike and each one has its own personality, as such will look slightly different from each other. Also note that barrelheads are fragile as they are held together with minimals nails or dowels or just tongue-and-grove, so they may ease apart in shipping. They can easily be tapped back together.

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